What We Do

Recreating the Middle Ages  -  Join Us

Who Can Join?

The club is open to everyone,
If you have not shot a bow before don’t worry as training will be given to enable you to shoot safely. The club has bows, arrows and basic costume available to help you get started.
As well as archery practice we cover many aspects of medieval life during the period. Members will have the opportunity to learn about our history and the way of life of a past era
The club also runs private events just for our own fun, such as camping, archery competitions (yes we do occasionally shoot competitively), craft workshops and visits to places of interest.

How do I join?

Come over and have a chat with when we are shooting on a Saturday or look for our banner when we are taking part in some of the Medieval Festivals held throughout the year. Members are always happy to talk with you.

Please note that membership is by invitation.  We expect prospective members to get to know us and the hobby before going further, and strongly recommend that they do not buy bows or costumes too soon. 


Ross Fillery, Secretary email: r.fillery@talktalk.net